The best deals of the week in handheld and mobile – July 31

Welcome our weekly round-up of the best deals in pocket gaming. As ever, we’ve got some bargain picks for you that will be difficult to resist.

It works like this: each week we bring the best deals in handheld gaming, predominantly covering the latest discounts for iOS and Android gamers.

We also cover a few deals on smartphones themselves, as well as a selection of handheld offers. Basically if it’s portable and cheap, we’re looking out for it.

iOS games

If you’re after a moody platformer, masterful tactical JRPG, or brutal strategy game, this week’s selection of deals should do the trick.

  • Limbo for £1.99 (was £3.99) – buy
  • A Dark Room for free (was 99p) – download
  • Connectrode for free (was 99p) – download
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for £5.99 (was £13.99) – buy
  • The Long Siege for 99p (was £1.99) – buy

Android games

Android gamers get a similar Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions deal this week, while anyone who hasn’t played Wayward Souls yet really should make the most of the latest deal.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for £5.49 (was £11.49) – buy
  • Wayward Souls for 99p (was £6.99) – buy
  • Lumino City for 99p (was £4.69) – buy
  • OTTTD : Over The Top TD for £2.19 (was £4.99) – buy
  • Lost Horizon for 99p (was £2.89) – buy

Smartphone deals

Most budget phones come with whopping great bezels. Not the Sony Xperia XA. It’s also got decent (if not brilliant) performance for games, which is what this is all about really.

Handheld deals

3DS owners looking for some classic JRPG action might want to check out our handheld deal of the week. It’ll be right up your street.

We’ve also got something for Vita owners, which is an increasingly rare treat these days.

  • The Legend of Legacy – Standard Edition on 3DS for £16.49 (was £24.99) – buy from NIS
  • Borderlands 2 on PS Vita for £6.99 (was £19.99) – buy from PSN