Flappy Dunk tips and tricks – How to earn a baller high score

Flappy Dunk is a sporty twist on the Flappy Bird formula. Instead of guiding a tiny bird through holes in pipes, your goal is to dunk a winged basketball through an endless series of floating hoops.

It is, as expected from a Flappy-style game, extremely simple and easy to jump into. But there are a few strategies you can employ that will help improve the number on your scoreboard.

I challenge you

On the main menu, the fifth icon (two columns of dots) takes you to the challenge mode. We recommend playing through challenges fairly early on before attempting massive scores in endless.

The challenge stages introduce harder hoops you’ll come across as you reach higher scores in the endless mode—like those that slide back and forth—and playing the challenges will prepare you for those in addition to providing flight practice.

Tappa, tappa, tappa

As you soon as you pass through a hoop and receive a point, tap immediately: this is to prevent falling straight through onto the ground and to also get your momentum going so you can reach the next hoop if it’s higher. Hoops disappear once passed, so you can jump through where their side previously was.

Ideally, you won’t even fall past the bottom of the hoop after passing it—you’ll pass, score, and tap almost at the same time, essentially moving horizontally as opposed to down and then back up.

The best place to practice this is in challenge level 12: this stage pits you against a long row of hoops that are at the same height and stationed right next to each other. To successfully reach every goal, you’ll need to master the art of quick-tapping upon exiting a hoop.

Just let go

If it looks like you’re going to overshoot a hoop, stop tapping immediately. The ball falls fairly quickly when you’re not touching the screen and sometimes if you lift your finger fast enough, it will hit the back rim and still manage to roll in.

Because of this falling speed, it’s also best to stay higher rather than lower. While you should aim for the center of the screen in general and adjust height based on the upcoming hoops, if you’re going to overcorrect for one direction, go up instead of down. It’s much easier to fall into a hoop last minute than to flap up and above it in the same amount of time.

Nothing but net

To earn really high scores, you’ll need to perfect the art of the swish. If you get your ball through very center of a hoop without touching the sides, you’ll receive a “Swish!” notification and a points multiplier. This multiplier can reach up to 4x if you earn multiple swishes in a row, meaning you’ll get four points for every hoop instead of one—although you have to keep nailing swishes to maintain it.

While swishes will generally come with practice, you can attempt to line them up by flapping your ball higher than the next hoop and then lifting your finger so it falls down into it. Again, challenge mode is a great place to practice swishing as many of its levels require you to earn a minimum number of swishes.

For flat hoops that aren’t slanted, we usually flap to about a ball’s length away from the hoop at its same height and then quickly double-tap just above it and let go. Another strategy that works well is to flap to about three balls’ height above the hoop when you’re almost at its rim and then let go. The speed the ball drops should put it in the center as it falls.