WWDC 2017: Apple’s Keynote – live blog

So, WWDC’s rolled around again and we’re sitting here awaiting more delicious information on Apple’s latest software. Today we’ll be conducting a live blog, so keep an eye on the prize as we update it along with the conference. 

6:15 PM BST

1: tvOS is the first of six updates getting talked about today. With 50 apps already live, Apple announces that Amazon is coming to AppleTV along with Prime Video. 

6:10 PM BST

All Right by Christopher Cross plays as a new Apple employee accidentally shuts down the App Store. Chaos Ensues. It’s like Black Friday for social media and software.


6:08 PM BST

Apple’s annual WWDC Keynote is live from San Jose, California.

After a bit of a delayed start, the room is totally full as people eagerly await the presentation to start. Word on the street is that this one’s going to be a long one…so maybe we will be seeing some hardware bits and bobs as was rumoured.