WW2 fantasy battler, Medals of War, shows off its tactical gameplay in latest trailer

The upcoming WW2 fantasy game, Medals of War, has just released a new gameplay trailer showing off exactly what we can expect come release day. 

Set in the fantasy world of Warland (yes, it’s a little on the nose), Medals of War is an over-the-top battler in which you take up arms as Commander and lead your troops to victory. Fight in real-time, multiplayer matches and use the correct tactics to best your opponents. 

With a variety of different decks to build and plenty of units and Officers to collect you’ll have complete control over how you want your battle to take place. Unit types like Riflemen, Grenadiers, and Tanks each have their own role to play, so use them wisely. 

Though there’s still no date for the worldwide release, Medals of War has already soft launched on the Swedish App Store. You can read more about the game on its official website.