Win £50-worth of eShop credit in Nintendo’s awesome Fortnite competition

Win £50-worth of eShop credit in Nintendo's awesome Fortnite competition Fortnite may have been out on Nintendo Switch for a little bit, but it’s never too late to celebrate – especially not when there are prizes to be won. 

Usually I explain what the game’s all about, but c’mon it’s Fortnite. Even if you’re not a gamer you’ve probably heard about it. Battle royale… biggest game in the world… has a major fan base… lots of llamas… ring any bells? No? Well, check out our ultimate guide on the game to catch up then. 

To be in for the chance to win that sweet, sweet £50 eShop credit, it couldn’t be easier. Simply hop onto Fortnite on the Switch, play about and have some banter, and share you favourite Fortnite clips on Twitter via the console’s ‘share’ feature. You also need to be a resident of the UK.

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