[Update] Sonny is a sci-fi turn-based RPG from Armor Games, available now on iOS

Updated on January 12th, at 12:44: Armor Games’ RPG Sonny is out now for iPad and iPhone.

You face aliens and high-tech soldiers, wield powerful abilities, and discover dark corporate secrets for £2.29 / $2.99.

Sonny can be found on the App Store.

Sonny was a popular series of Flash RPGs that has laid dormant for quite a few years. Now the series is coming to mobile, with the newest entry releasing on Thursday.

Sonny follows the titular resurrected warrior and a party of heroes against dangerous corporations and fierce beasts, battling in turn-based combat in a quest to discover the secrets of a mysterious past.

A arsenal of skills and attacks, status effects, special abilities, managing health, defense, and “Focus” imbues Sonny‘s combat with a hefty amount of depth and moment-to-moment strategy, with multiple enemies and bosses presenting a formidable challenge.

Sonny‘s unique sci-fi world and turn-based battles will cost $2.99 when it releases on January 12th. You can learn more about the game here.