The big Pocket Gamer accessory guide 2017 – PS Vita accessories

Anyone who received a PS Vita for Christmas is going to be in need of some accessories. Quite literally, in the case of the memory card – you can’t really play a game without one.

But there’s also a whole ecosystem of cases, chargers, and grip-enhancers (seriously) out there that can greatly enhance your Vita experience.

Whether you’re after some after-market protection, a way to extend your battery life, or just a little extra headroom for your games and videos, check out our Vita accessory guide.

32GB Memory Card

This isn’t really an accessory so much as it is a necessity – no memory card, no Vita gaming. Unfortunately, the Vita memory cards are proprietary and very expensive. Perhaps the most practical thing you can do for the Vita owner in your life, then, is to buy them a decent-sized (32GB is ideal albeit prohibitively dear) memory card.

Suggested price: £75
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Trigger Grips

The PS Vita is a handsome handheld, but it’s not always the most comfortable to use for long periods. That’s the price of portability. The PS Vita Trigger Grips essentially make the console handle more like a PS4 DualShock controller, complete with comfortably palm rests.

Suggested price: £30
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Portable Charger

The Vita has pretty reasonable battery life – between four and six hours of gameplay, depending on the model – but you’ll always want more. The official Sony Portable Charger provides just that, to the tune of an extra four to seven hours. It’s slim and light, too.

Suggested price: £10
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Car Charger

If the Vita owner in your life does a portion of their gaming in the car – hopefully not whilst driving – then it makes sense to utilise all that free power. Pick up a car charger and no road trip need every be free of games again.

Suggested price: £8
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Joetsu Load Grip for PS Vita 2000

You can play PS4 games on your PS Vita, a feature known as Remote Play. The only problem is, the Vita has fewer buttons than a PS4 DualShock, so games have to map the extra shoulder buttons to the rear touchpad. The Joetsu Load Grip reinstates these buttons, making for a more faithful portable PS4 experience.

Suggested price: £30
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ZedLabz thumb grips

Some people struggle with the grippiness – or lack thereof – of the Vita’s thumbsticks. If that’s you, check out this 12-pack of silicone caps. They come in a variety of grip patterns, so you should find at least one that enhances your experience.

Suggested price: £4
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PS Vita Case

If you’ve got the original PS Vita – which many will tell you remains the best, thanks to its OLED display – then this is a great choice for a case. It offers all-round protection, allows access to the rear panel when necessary, and also acts as a stand when you’re watching video.

Suggested price: £2
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ZedLabz EVA carry case

A good, solid, no-nonsense case that will keep your Vita – and up to three games – safe on your travels. It’s also got a little net compartment for cables and other small accessories.

Suggested price: £7
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PS Vita Travel Case

This is an official Sony case, so you know it’s going to be well made, yet it’s surprisingly cheap. It doesn’t have a the solid structure of the ZedLabz, but its soft, plush material should keep your console safe from scrapes. It’s also got a handy strap that’ll help hook it on to any bag or belt

Suggested price: £11
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Thrustmaster Uncharted Shock Resistant Case

Want your PS Vita to be able to survive a collapsing building? Of course you do! Then check out the Thrustmaster Uncharted Shock Resistant Case. Yes, it’s got some heavy Uncharted branding, but the main thing is its design, which incorporates snug-fitting double high-density foam like you’d find in military weapons cases.

Suggested price: £20
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