The best deals of the week in handheld and mobile – June 19

Welcome, everyone, to our weekly round-up of the best deals in pocket gaming. We’ve got some top bargains in store for you.

It works like this: each week we bring the best deals in handheld gaming, predominantly covering the latest discounts for iOS and Android gamers.

We also cover a few deals on smartphones themselves, as well as a selection of handheld offers. Basically if it’s portable and cheap, we’re looking out for it.

iOS games

It’s a good week for fans of strategy and narrative-driven games, but there’s also a little something for those of you who like their Sega-style arcade games in Star Cat Adventure.

  • SteamWorld Heist for £5.99 (was £9.99) – buy
  • Star Cat Adventure for free (was 99p) – download
  • Nightgate for 49p (was £4.99) – buy
  • Lifeline for 99p (was £1.99) – buy
  • Lifeline 2 for 99p (was £1.99) – buy
  • Templar Battleforce for £4.99 (was £9.99) – buy

Android games

As on iOS, Android gamers can get a bunch of the Lifeline real-time gamebooks for cheap right now.

  • Lifeline for 89p (was £1.79) – buy
  • Lifeline 2 for 89p (was £1.79) – buy
  • Warhammer Quest for 99p (was £3.99) – buy
  • Braveland for 59p (was £1.99) – buy
  • Zip Zap for 10p (was £1.69) – buy

Handset deals

The Sony Xperia X launched last year as a curious ‘tweener phone that was neither full-blown flagship nor mid-ranger. Nowadays it can be had for a lot less money making it infinitely more desirable – particularly with luxury features like Hi-Res Audio upscaling and an edge to edge display.

Handheld deals

Super Mario Odyssey is looking rather exciting. Completely mad, but rather exciting. If you’re looking for a decent pre-order price… well, here’s the best we’ve found so far.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a PS Vita game. Yes, an actual PS Vita game! They do still exist, you know. This one’s a spinoff from the Hyperdimension Neptunia JRPG series, wherein a bunch of games consoles manifest themselves as goddesses. No, really.