The best deals of the week in handheld and mobile – April 3

Spring is here, which may have tempted many of you into going outside for a spell. You could use this as an excuse to socialise. Alternatively, pick up some of these bargains and indulge in some al fresco gaming.

Here at PG we run a weekly feature that supplies a list of the best deals on iOS and Android games, smartphones, handheld games, and any other bargains that stand out related to gaming on the go.

If you’ve found any top deals that you think should be featured here, please do let us know in the comments below.

iOS games

We’ve got quite a varied mix for iOS gamers this week. There’s work simulation, casual sports, blissed-out puzzling, frantic shooting, and rampaging goats.

  • Pocket Academy for 99p (was £4.99) – buy
  • OK Golf for £1.99 (was £2.99) – buy
  • Goat Simulator for free (was £4.99) – download
  • Blyss for free (was 99p) – download
  • Leap of Fate for £1.99 (was £3.99) – buy

Android games

Android gamers also get rampaging goats among this week’s deals, as well as some old school RPG kicks and a brilliant autorunner. You lucky things.

  • Goat Simulator for £2.49 (was £3.99) – buy
  • Back to Bed for 79p (was £2.59) – buy
  • 9th Dawn for £1.19 (was £2.39) – buy
  • Chameleon Run for free (was £1.99) – download
  • Agent A for 69p (was £1.79) – download

Smartphone deals

Samsung has announced its new flagship phone, and it’s a beauty. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is almost all screen, which certainly lays down a hefty challenge for Apple in the design stakes. We’ve got a great deal on a pre-order for this stylish phone which will snag you a free Bluetooth speaker worth £100.

Too pricey for you? In that case, check out O2’s deal for the brand new budget smartphone champ the Moto G5.

Handheld deals

We’ve got a good deal for both PS Vita and 3DS owners this week. Indeed, with such good deals on games added to low second hand hardware prices, it’s a case of better late than never in you haven’t taken the plunge yet.

  • World of Final Fantasy on PS Vita for £19.99 (£25-£30 elsewhere) – buy from Base
  • Nintendo Selects Mario Tennis Open for £11.95 (£14 elsewhere) – buy from Amazon