Super Mario Run, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Crash Arena Turbo Stars, and more are Google Play’s best games of 2017

I guess it’s that time of year where the fires are stoked in your hearths, it’s socially acceptable to drink before the sun goes down (so long as it’s a hot beverage), and Google Play’s picked out what they think are the best games of 2017.

In the US overall these guys came out on top for the most popular new games:

For the rest of the world there’s a more detailed list available in a few different catagories. I can’t say I disagree with most of the choices but there are one or two that took me by surprise.

  • Best Game
  • Most Competitive
  • Most Social
  • Best Indie
  • Most Innovative
  • Best to Pick Up & Play
  • Best for Kids
    • Toca Life: Hospital
    • Little Panda Restaurant 
    • Rhythm and Bears
    • Strawberry Shortcake Hair
    • Little Fire Station
  • Most Popular