Stellar: Galaxy Commander preview – hands-on with King’s sci-fi strategy puzzler

Stellar: Galaxy Commander preview - hands-on with King's sci-fi strategy puzzler Master of casual King has been turning its attention to slightly deeper, meatier fare of late. Stellar: Galaxy Commander is the perfect example of its recent midcore offerings.

Having recently soft-launch on iOS and Android, I thought I’d give this interesting mix of match-three and sci-fi strategy a preliminary systems diagnostic.

Mighty and magical

It might look like a cartoony take on Battlestar Galactica, but in terms of gaming Stellar: Galaxy Commander will probably remind you of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Just as in Tag Games’s classic, you’re shuffling around units – here star fighters – in an basic grid, matching them according to type and colour. Combining certain types into clusters will create all-new units with their own destructive capabilities.

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