Steel Media says goodbye to PG’s former Community Manager, Ray Wilmott

Today, Steel Media says goodbye to Pocket Gamer‘s well-loved former Community Manager, Ray Wilmott. Don’t worry though, as he’s not going quite so far as you think!

He’s staying in games, and will move on to an app development startup in Cardiff as their Community Manager, lending his skills earned at Pocket Gamer to help them grow. Best of luck to him!

Ray joined Pocket Gamer on November 30th, 2015, and his first day actually coincided with our official Christmas party. Ray then helped us to grow our community in the App Army and took over the social media reigns.

Eventually, Ray moved over to join our B2B marketing team, and helped promote our range of events and services during his time there.

Ray will be missed by us all, but let’s not get caught up in the sadness, let’s just wish Ray the very best for the future, and offer him these kind words from our colleagues.

Glen Fox

I only worked with Ray for a brief period, but he was always a pleasure to have around. He’d take up any task with a positive attitude, and he was well loved by our community in the App Army.

It’s not really a goodbye from me, as Ray will still contribute handheld reviews for Pocket Gamer. But I do wish him the best of luck with his new full time role, and would like to thank him profusely for all of his hard work.

Dave Bradley

Best wishes for your next adventure Ray. You’ve been such a nice guy to work with – it’s always fab to cross paths with a fellow fantasy and Pratchett fan.

Thank you for responding so enthusiastically and professionally to all the challenges 2016 has thrown up. Farewell and good luck.

Sally Kevan

Good bye and good luck Ray – I’ll miss you!

James Gilmour

I soon as I realised Ray had a mouth and working vocal chords, I dragged him behind a microphone and made him talk into it for the entertainment of the Pocket Gamer podcast listeners.

Unfortunately, it turns out he had a fully functioning brain too, so he was soon poached by the community management team, where he built himself a loyal following which he commanded with an iron fist. Today they lose a leader, but the world gains a lovely set of pipes.

Joao Diniz Sanches

Few colleagues have responded as rapidly (or, indeed, as positively) as Ray did to every mission I threw his way via Skype. His friendly nature and professional attitude throughout his Steel Media journey ensured I could rely on him to not drop whichever ball I hurriedly lobbed over while we collectively juggled with numerous elements of the day-to-day.

As this has suddenly gone a bit circus-y – and before I walk my clown shoes into a literary corner from which I lack the talent to get out of – I’ll exit the stage with a simple but genuine ‘all the best, Ray’.

Jez Bridgeman

It’s sad to see Ray leaving us, but unfortunately it’s a thing that happens.

Personally, it’s been a pleasure working with Ray – he’s always been cheery! – and reckon we’ll find it hard to replace that so easily.

He’s also the only person I know called Ray Charles – other than the other guy.

His best excerpts – looking at our many Skype chats…

“That’s in progress”
“I’ll do that”
“Much appreciated“
“Yachi da boyo”

All classics. One lie.

Chris James

It’s been a pleasure working Ray over the last year. His upbeat attitude and ability to turn himself to any task will definitely be missed.

He’s contributed on so many different levels and became a familiar voice in our regular meetings. Good luck to him – all the team will miss him and his enthusiasm.