Review: Turbo Soccer review – A simple kicker without much bite

Turbo Soccer review - A simple kicker without much bite There are many, many different types of football game on mobile. There are ones that focus on strategy, ones that focus on you plying your players with energy drinks, and ones that attempt to capture some of the magic of the home console classics.

Then there are games like Turbo Soccer, that take the so-called beautiful game and slice it up into little bite-sized chunks. They’re never going to set the world on fire, but if they do what they do well, they’re decent distractions.

Here the end result is solid, if not remarkable. There are some good ideas, but in the end it’s a distinct lack of variety that does for Turbo Soccer.

Kick it

The game sees you controlling a single player, who always seems to be in on goal. As you peg-it towards the opponent’s penalty area, you need to perform little QTEs in order to take the ball past other players and speed up your run. At the end, you swipe on the screen to score.

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