Review: The Midnight Sanctuary Switch review – “A seriously enthralling story”

The Midnight Sanctuary Switch review - The Midnight Sanctuary is a very, very odd game. Take even a glance at some video or screenshots and you’ll understand.

Visually, it’s bonkers. The story goes full weird mode within half an hour and never lets up. Once it’s run its two hours, you’ll have more questions than answers.

It’s also a surprisingly difficult game to review, thanks in part to an almost complete lack of interaction – this is a seriously hardcore visual novel experience. But we shall try to give it a fair shake regardless.

Keep an eye out

Your role in The Midnight Sanctuary is that of a nameless, mostly mute person who acts as a guide for Hamamoru, who is visiting the town of Daiusu to investigate its history and folklore.

At least, that’s the initial premise. By the end of the first chapter you’ll have met a cast of weird, uncomfortable characters with their own hidden agendas, and from there all hell breaks loose.

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