Review: Super Mario Party Switch review – “A bit of good clean fun”

Super Mario Party Switch review - The Mario Party games have always been something of a curiosity – never quite fitting in the Mario universe in the same way other spin-off multiplayer titles have, but still providing plenty of fun to those that venture in.

Super Mario Party, the Switch edition of the franchise, still feels slightly at odds with the series’ universe, but it’s still a fun minigame-fuelled party game for all the family.

There’s nothing really spectacular here, save for some technological marvels pushed off to one side, but it’s still a bit of good clean fun for when you’ve got some mates round.

It’s my party

Much like previous entries, the main focus of Super Mario Party is seeing four players face off in a giant boardgame, punctuated by minigames to earn coins and liven up the action.

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