Review: Smash Puck review – “Air hockey and crazy golf have a handsome baby”

Smash Puck review - Despite its splendidly abstract art style, Smash Puck calls to mind every crazy golf, pool, and air hockey-derived game you’ve ever played.

That turns out to be both a good and a bad thing. While it’s instantly enjoyable, you can’t help feeling there could and should have been more to it.


Smash Puck has you pinging a puck into other, larger ucks in a bid to send them careening into a hole. Exceed the move limit or putt the cue puck, and it’s attempt over.

The game soon sets about introducing level furniture that complicates your path to the hole. There are rotating barriers, path-altering magnets, and even larger pucks that make themselves a nuisance.

These add essential variety and intrigue to a very familiar premise, but they also add frustration. In particular, World 3’s magnets turn the game into a random, almost self-playing slog.

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