Review: Skyward Journey review – “Deeply calming line-drawing game”

Skyward Journey review - We don’t find ourselves pontificating about whether games are art too much here at PG. It’s not really our style.

The only reason I even mention the debate here is because developer Dan Vogt has labelled Skyward Journey as “an art game”. It’s right there, front and centre.

Ordinarily at this point I might raise an eyebrow. But given that the developer’s previous game was the brilliant Data Wing, I’m minded to take a closer look.

Mood Control

Skyward Journey bears almost no resemblance to Data Wing, I hasten to add, other than a shared sense of forward momentum.

Rather than a futuristic racer, Skyward Journey is a deeply blissed-out line-drawing game. It’s part Flight Control, part calming self-help app.

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