Review: Prince of Persia: Escape review – A game that doesn’t want to be played

Prince of Persia: Escape review - A game that doesn't want to be played Do you like runners? Maybe you fancy yourself a bit of a pro at Super Mario Run, and you’re in the market for something similar?

Maybe you’re also a fan of the classic series Prince of Persia? In which case, I am loathe to tell you the woeful tale of Prince of Persia: Escape.

Prince of Persia: Escape is a runner, it’s free to play, and it takes the fiendish level-based platforming core of the original game and brings it to mobile.

The premise admittedly sounds pretty neat. Alas, it doesn’t take long for some, let’s say, issues to become horribly apparent.

A classic?

Gone are the retro visuals, music, and sound effects that might have at least instilled the game with some nostalgic value. What we get instead is a lifeless husk of a classic, sans any discernible personality, and with visuals that could most generously be described as basic.

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