Review: Piffle review – “A ball-bouncer that’s so full of charm it’s hard to stay mad at”

Piffle review - It certainly appears that the ball-bouncing genre is having something of a renaissance in recent years. From hyper-casual games to the likes of holedown, there’s a ball-bouncing game for everyone.

Piffle, published by Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale, takes the basic template of the genre and then layers on about a pound and a half of cuteness. It’s not over exaggerating to say that everything about the game is adorable.

And, perhaps most importantly, it offers up plenty of simple fun as well. It’s not as heavy as holedown, nor as light as the puff-piece block breakers we’ve seen from developers like Voodoo. It’s somewhere in between, which suits it just fine.

A bounce of courage

After a brief bit of preamble involving some light kidnapping, you’re introduced to the stars of the show. These are the titular piffles, which are super-chibi little fuzzy balls that you’re going to throw at things.

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