Review: Oddmar review – A gorgeous looking platformer that’s chock full of charm

Oddmar review - A gorgeous looking platformer that's chock full of charm There are a few games on the App Store that make you sit up and take notice from the second you load them up. The likes of The Banner Saga, Gorogoa, and Infinity Blade all, for different reasons are what might have once been called eye candy.

And now you can add Oddmar to that list. It is, quite frankly, a stunning game to look at. From the cut scenes to the animations, from the backdrops to the towering bosses, every part of it has been preened and polished and perfected.

And the game underneath all of that shiny loveliness isn’t too shabby either.

Viking up the prices

The game is all about a viking who’s out on a quest. His village has basically told him he’s rubbish, so he’s off to prove himself, with the help of some special powers he’s been granted by a tree spirit. Obviously.

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