Review: Node Along review – A high score chaser that’s got a pace all of its own

Node Along review - A high score chaser that's got a pace all of its own There are some solid ideas in Node Along. At its core it’s a simple high score chaser, but it doesn’t throw anything particularly frantic into your face while you’re playing it.

That more sedate beat to the play makes it perfect for a more relaxed gaming session than other games of the same ilk, but it also means it’s not quite as compulsive as it could be.

Node ice

The game is all about connecting nodes together. You do that by sliding your finger around the screen. The white line that you’re controlling can only stretch so far, so you need to connect to the closest node to move on.

So far, so simple, but the game throws in obstacles pretty quickly. You can only connect to white nodes, and sometimes the nodes are pulsing in different hues. Touch one when it’s not white and it’s game over.

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