Review: Nitro Racing GO review – A painfully pedestrian clicker

Do you like tapping your phone screen a lot? Do you like cars? Do you like arbitrary reward systems as much as you despise skill? Then boy, do I have a game for you!

Yes, Nitro Racing GO is a tapper/clicker. I understand that this fact may make a large proportion of you reach for the ‘back’ button. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended. I’d probably do the same.

Still here? Okay then. Let’s hit the road. Or rather, tap it.

Noisy tap-its

So Nitro Racing GO. It’s a clicker/tapper with a street racing theme. You hammer away at the screen with your finger – tippy-tappy, tippy-tappy – while a bar steadily fills up.

Oh, there’s also a car driving along an endless highway while you’re doing this, overtaking other ‘racers’. But that’s kind of by the by, as your tapping bears no meaningful relation to the action as far as I can tell.

Occasionally you can swipe the screen to move onto a bonus-granting area of the road, but even then it doesn’t really feel like you’re actually steering the car. In fact, it feels really slow to respond to your swipes, like the game itself is in such a tapping trance that it can’t quite comprehend the shift in input.

The idea here is to use the credits you earn from pummelling the screen to buy upgrades for your auto-driving car, which makes the rate of progression faster and your tapping more efficient.

Tapped out

Before long you’ll be granted access to skills, which do things like giving you a limited nitrous boost or auto-tap for a while (so you don’t even need to tap!).

After a while you’ll get to face your first boss. Well, I say face – you don’t actually do anything here other than (you guessed it) tap the screen. Once you’ve overtaken said boss, you’ll get some currency or other to spend on loot drops or car parts. Or something.

Naturally, there are optional ads to bolster your virtual bank balance, and the opportunity to empty your actual bank balance in order to shortcut the whole tappy-collecty process.

I think it’s fairly obvious I don’t like Nitro Racing GO. It’s true that I’m not a clicker kind of a guy, but I do know from SpacePlan that it’s possible to execute this kind of thing with style, wit and purpose. Nitro Racing GO offers nothing of the sort.