Review: Meowoof review – Much more than a cat and dog story

Meowoof review - Much more than a cat and dog story There are some games that surprise you, that creep up looking familiar and well worn, but when you actually get up close and personal with them, you’ll find something that you weren’t expecting.

That’s definitely the case with Meowoof. It looks like it should be a pretty simple, one-finger arcade game. And in some ways, it is.

In other ways though it’s a really interesting adventure that mixes arcade gameplay with much deeper puzzling and platforming mechanics, and manages to create something really rather special.


The game sees you controlling a pair of entangled animals. One of them is a cat, the other one is a dog. Hence the name. Their owner has gone missing, and so they set off on a quest to find him and get fed.

Only one of the creatures is ever moving at once though. The other circles around its stationary friend, its movement restricted by the length of rope that binds the two of them together.

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