Review: Identity V review – Coraline inspired creeps

Identity V review - Coraline inspired creeps While playing the Friday the 13th mobile puzzle game, I couldn’t help but think about how it’s such a smart adaptation of horror to mobile.

But Identity V actually does a shockingly commendable job of adapting a similar concept – a scary burly man chasing after small scrawny people – and making a pretty compelling mobile multiplayer game out of it.

If you know nothing about Identity V, as I did when I first went into the game, then the first few minutes might be somewhat misleading.

All I knew is that the game was made by NetEase, mobile multiplayer giants, so I expected, well, more mobile multiplayer. And that is what this is, once you get past the introduction and tutorial.

Interestingly, Identity V throws you into the shoes of a detective – or, a detective novelist with amnesia who has now become an actual detective – exploring a creepy mansion, uncovering grizzly events that happened in the past.

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