Review: Hordes of Enemies review – “A charming and generous play on the brawler genre”

Hordes of Enemies review – If you’re in need of inspiration for your mobile brawler, then you’d be wise to look no further than the king of rhythmic action – One Finger Death Punch.

Hordes of Enemies takes the core design of Silver Dollar Games’ classic and melds it into an aesthetically pleasing, and exceedingly violent, title all of its own.

Two Finger Death Chop

Controls couldn’t be simpler – you can attack left, attack right, or tap the middle of the screen to trigger a special move. Being able to alter the onscreen position of these attack commands is also much appreciated. This is especially helpful for those with big hands or fat thumbs – myself included.

The result of these player conscious decisions is a game that I’m pretty sure anyone could get into. Eventually, though, things do become quite a bit more taxing.

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