Review: Fallout Shelter Switch review – The same base builder you’ve played before

Fallout Shelter Switch review - The same base builder you've played before It’s been three years since Bethesda surprise launched Fallout Shelter on mobile at E3, and clearly someone thought that was a great idea because they’ve just done it again on Switch.

The new edition is the same as the mobile version in basically every way – you’re still building vaults, looking after dwellers, exploring the wasteland, dying a lot, and so on.

In fact, it’s identical to every other edition of the game that’s been launched so far. Which ultimately begs the question, why should you play this version over the mobile version?

New dwellings

As an Overseer in Fallout Shelter, it’s up to you to construct one of Vault-Tec’s well-known “Vaults” to keep everyone safe when the nukes start falling across the world.

You need to make sure you have enough dorm rooms for people to sleep, power generators, water pumps, and diners so that you’ve got food, water, and the energy you need to run these things.

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