Review: ELOH review – “A playful puzzler that revels in rhythm”

ELOH review - After 15 or so rounds of ELOH, I realised I was playing it the wrong way. I was playing it like it was your average puzzler.

And ELOH is anything but your average puzzler.


The idea here is to drag a bunch of blocks into slots in order to deflect a series of pips into a waiting receptacle.

Which is the kind of drab, perfunctory-sounding premise that does ELOH absolutely no favours. Where it truly shines is in the detail of its moment-to-moment action, both visual and aural.

Each block resembles a tribal totem of sorts. The source of those pips is a speaker, which fires out little coloured blips of sound at an angle.

As they strike the totems, these sound pips produce a distinctive ‘plok’ sound (along with a delightful facial reaction). With multiple rebounds, a simple percussive loop is created.

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