Review: Duke Dashington Remastered review – A polished up version of a great game

In a strange sort of way you’re more likely to enjoy Duke Dashington Remastered if you had trouble with the original.

While there are changes here, it’s hard to say whether there’s enough to make fans of the original jump in for another go. That said though, there is an excellent game here, and a lot of fun to be had too.


The core of the game remains the same as the original. You’re controlling the titular duke, and you’re legging it through a series of collapsing temples to try and grab the treasures in them.

This isn’t a standard platformer though. The clue is in the dashing. You can jump, and dash to the left or the right. And you’ll only stop when you hit something.

It makes for a fast-paced and exciting experience. Each tiny chunk of game has a ten second time limit, and if you don’t finish it in time the temple will fall on you and you’ll have to try again.

In essence the game is sort of like a high-speed puzzler. The tougher levels require a decent amount of thought, and getting through them the first time makes you feel like a dashing legend.

The controls are slick, the level design has been poked and prodded, and the new graphics bring everything bang up to date. Or at least bang up to date in a chunky poly sort of a way.

And you’ll find yourself getting sucked in easily by the rhythm of the game. Because of the bite-sized nature of things, your little nibbles quickly become chunky chews.


Duke Dashington Remastered is an excellent game. It’s fun and fast and beautifully shaped for mobile. If you haven’t played the original, or you had problems with it, then it’s well worth picking up.

If you really, really loved the first game, then there’s a case to be made for grabbing this one too. But if you rinsed everything it has to offer, it’s a bit harder to tell you to do it all over again.