Review: Dizzy Knight review – “A spinning action adventure game that’s more than just a twist on the formula”

Dizzy Knight review - Everyone knows that spinning around is brilliant. That’s why kids do it all the time and adults look on longingly wishing they could join in too. And now they can – sort of – thanks to Dizzy Knight.

It’s not just a game about spinning though. It’s a game about killing monsters, collecting loot, and trying to save the world. The twirling is just a lovely addition to what’s already an intriguing, Zelda-like RPG adventure.

Spin it to win it

The game sees you playing a plucky young warrior out to save the world. Moving a finger or thumb around the screen moves your character about, and they spin automatically. The key to success here is positioning.

That’s because the spinning is as much defensive as it is offensive. You can use your sword to keep your foes at bay, but if they come within that arc of death, they’re going to do some damage.

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