Review: Deep Space review – A shooter that’s not entirely sure what it is

Deep Space review - A shooter that's not entirely sure what it is It’s one thing for a game to be challenging, but while it’s trying to break your resolve it needs to reward your progress as well. And that’s something that Deep Space doesn’t quite manage to get right.

Mixed in with a slight identity crisis, it makes for an experience that’s sometimes great, sometimes lacking, and more often than not a little too frustrating for its own good.

Bad landing

At first glance the game looks a lot like another pixelated hardcore platformer. But it’s much more like a side-scrolling roguelike. Sure there’s platforming, but it’s staying alive that matters more here than getting from A to B.

You’ve got buttons along the bottom of the screen to control what you’re doing. Arrows move you left and right, one button lets you jump and double jump, and the final one lets you fire whatever weapon you’ve got equipped.

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