Review: Bloki review – A deceptively awkward puzzler

Bloki review - A deceptively awkward puzzler You have to have a certain mindset to play Bloki. It’s not enough to just like the odd casual puzzler – you have to have an innately methodical, logical approach to problem solving.

I thought it best to start with that disclaimer because if you’re not wired up in that way, you’ll find a considerable wall blocking the way to enjoyment.

Move and grow

That’s not to say that Bloki is immediately unwelcoming or esoteric. It’s actually a very tidy, concise game with clean (if sparse) presentation and super-simple controls.

You start each level with an assortment of coloured blocks. Tapping the screen grows your stack of block upwards, affecting whichever blocks are touching the ground. Swiping the screen rolls your stack over in that direction.

By combining these two control elements – movement and growth – you can crudely mould and position your stacks.

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