Review: Black Bird Switch review – “Magnificently bizarre in almost every way”

Black Bird Switch review - Play enough shmups and eventually they just bleed into one. Screens full of bullets, hundreds of enemy ships/demons/whatever. They’re damn good fun, but so few truly stick in your brain.

Black Bird will stick in your brain. It is magnificently bizarre in almost every way, offering up a unique slice of shmup action that will confuse and delight in equal measure.

It won’t appeal to everyone – it’s as tough as it is weird. But if you get into the rhythm of things, it’s a truly wonderful game that you won’t regret taking a punt on.

From the smallest eggs

There are two phases to each of Black Bird’s four levels – an arena shooter-style phase, and an enormous, two-part boss battle.

The former has you navigating a 2D world which loops around, tasking you with destroying a set number of semi-randomly placed towers while avoiding getting killed by the hundreds of enemies trying to stop you.

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