Review: Badland Brawl review – “Clash Royale and Angry Birds walk into a bar…”

Badland Brawl review - The first ten seconds of Badland Brawl are a little disconcerting. Where the first two Badland games focused on intricate and clever physics-based platforming, your first taste of this one will leave a taste not unlike Clash Royale in your mouth.

But stick with it, because while there are definitely some similarities here, there’s actually a lot more going on that you might at first think.

Sure, it’s a card-based sort-of-MOBA with towers you need to destroy, but there’s one huge difference that makes things far more interesting than they have any right to be.

Flat him out

Most MOBAs take place on a flat plane. There might be multiple lanes to move down, but especially in the world of the mobile MOBA, walking forwards in a straight-ish line is par for the course.

There’s definitely straight-line walking in Badland Brawl, but it, quite literally, throws another idea into the mix. The units you unleash onto the playing field are twanged from catapults set in the towers you’re defending, and that makes the game for more playable than you were first expecting.

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