Review: AZ Rockets review – An interesting twist on the shooter

AZ Rockets review - An interesting twist on the shooter How far do you think it’s possible to strip back the humble shooter?

If you’re thinking of fairground-style target shooters or autofiring shmups, AZ Rockets has news for you.

This is one-button gaming at its purest.

Static target

That example of fairground target shooters is actually pretty useful for describing AZ Rockets. The game flips that traditional concept on its head.

Rather than the targets moving past a static gun, it’s the gun that moves past static targets instead.

In each level, AZ Rockets splits up a word into its constituent letters and scatters them around as targets. It then threads a line through the middle of them all, which serves as a conveyor belt for your supply of rockets.

Tapping the screen at the appropriate point fires the lead rocket in the direction it’s pointing. The skill here is to time your presses just right in order to hit the letter-targets without wasting shots.

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