Pocket Gamer Hall of Fame

Pocket Gamer Hall of Fame What do baseball, rock ‘n’ roll, and the WWE have in common?

Nope? Give up? God, this is too easy.

Well, each of these fine cultural institutions has its own official Hall of Fame.

(As a side-quest, see if you can guess which Hall of Fame legendary US outfielder Pete Rose belongs to. Clue: it’s not the one you think.)

All-time greats

Inspired by these three great establishments and fuelled by equal measures of alcohol and nostalgia, the powers that be at Steel Media decided to establish a Pocket Gamer Hall of Fame in August 2012.

In this venerable Hall, we celebrate the contribution of brilliant writers who have risen to prominence on these hallowed PG pages and left an indelible impression on the site’s readership. A veritable who’s who of the mobile games business, if you will.

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