Nintendo Labo preview – A cardboard miracle

Nintendo Labo preview - A cardboard miracle It’s incredibly easy to be dismissive of Nintendo’s cardboard-focused Labo kits – they are, after all, the very definition of throwaway in terms of design.

But this is Nintendo we’re talking about. So rarely does it have an idea that is all style and no substance – and after an afternoon tinkering with the new “hardware”, we can safely say there’s far more going on under the hood than first appears.

There may still be doubts about its longevity – and concerns about the initial cost – but there’s no doubting that the Labo is a fascinating and very exciting new addition to the Switch.

Straight out the box

The first step with any Labo project is actually putting the damn thing together. Each Toy-Con, as they’re known, comes on its own sheet of cardboard, with different parts to pop out and fold to form the final product.

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