Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ultra Challenge Pack DLC is available right now

If you joined us yesterday, you’ll know that there was a chance we’d see Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle‘s DLC start arriving today. Shockingly, that was bang on the money.

The first part of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle‘s DLC is called Ultra Challenge Pack. It actually rolled out a little early in the UK, launching late yesterday after manually updating the game, and features a new single-player element, Special Challenges, and a co-op campaign, Cataclysm Kerfuffle

Special Challenges uses difficult maps that you can reach through four secret areas – one in each world. Cataclysm Kerfuffle uses five co-op maps and their unlockable hard modes to keep you and a friend arguing until the next part of the DLC launches. 

As we mentioned yesterday the Story Mode pack is so far supposed to release on January 16th 2018.