Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (08/07/13 – 22/07/13)

Get involved! The PG Community Round-up (08/07/13 - 22/07/13) Every two weeks, I like to look back at the three big topics of conversation that got everyone talking over the past 14 days. And mention them here.

This round-up also gives me an opportunity to share with you the latest happenings from around the world of Pocket Gamer.

So, yeah, competitions you might have missed, big features we’ve launched. That sort of thing.

In this particular round-up, there’s football, cybernetically enhanced humans, and the definitive list of the best iOS games ever made.

Tuck in!

The Big Three

1. Deus Ex: The Fall encourages hacking, but only in-game:

Eidos-Montréal implemented an anti-jailbreaking system into Deus Ex: The Fall which prevents owners of a hacked iOS device from firing their weaponry.

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