E3 2017: Nintendo Spotlight live blog

E3’s coming to a close after a few days of ups and down, excitements and disappointments, but how will Nintendo do in the races? 

With only half an hour scheduled and with Ninty on the case we’re bound to get through a fair few titles, so let’s hope we get some more details, some release dates, and maybe a surprise or two. 

5:14 PM BST – Yoshi

Yoshi’s in for his own Switch game. This one, like Kirby, looks like a side-scrolling platformer and has a bit of a Little Big Planet feel to it. Coming sometime in 2018.

5:11 PM BST – Pokken Tournament/Pokemon RPG

Aside from chatting a little more about Pokken Tournament, it was confirmed that there WILL be a Pokemon RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch. There’s no title or date or details, but it’s pretty exciting. 

5:05 PM BST – Xenoblade Chronicles 2/Kirby

Yep, the popular RPG’s sequel is on its way and, jeez, it looks pretty darn good.

As for something brand new, we’ve got a Kirby game on the way. This side-scrolling 3D platformer is utterly adorable and hopefully plays as good as it looks. 


We’re kicking it off with a quick preview of all the stuff coming to the Nintendo Switch and AHHH Rocket League is headed to Switch. Dreams made. Other games like FIFA 18, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Pokken Tournament are all shown off quickly too.