Developers: book your appointment to meet us at Pocket Gamer Connects now

If you’re a game-maker yourself – and we know many of our readers are – there are a thousand reasons to come to Pocket Gamer Connects in London this month.

The networking, the workshops, the panels and talks, the parties. But if you’re a developer working on a game, surely one of the most valuable benefits of being at Europe’s leading mobile games conference is the chance to meet the press. That’s us!

“Chance”? Why yes, there is usually an element of chance involved. It can be hard to pin a journalist down, even at a venue like PGC. There’ll be 2,000 industry professionals there on January 22nd and 23rd, and our expert writers, editors and reviewers will be extremely busy. 

Show off your games

Fear not. We’ve taken some of the randomness out of it with our Journalist Bar. This fantastic concept was pioneered at PGC Helsinki last September and went down a treat, so we’re rolling it out again in London this month.

It’s not a bar in the booze sense; think “Apple Genius Bar”. You make an appointment, and we’ll ensure there’s a member of our lovely Pocket Gamer team there waiting for you at that time. We want to see new games, and you’ve got new games to show, so let’s make an appointment!

Slots are limited though. If you’ve got a game you want to demo to a Pocket Gamer journalist, visit the session booking form here immediately!

Pick an available slot, and fill in your details. If you can give us an insight into what type of game you want to show in the box at the end, all the better. Submit your request and we’ll confirm.

Then you can sit back and relax, knowing we’re there for you.

Please note: you also need to be registered for PG Connects, an appointment is not a ticket to enter the conference and does not guarantee entry. Appointments are first come, first served so if you visit that link and there are no available slots… sorry, bad luck. There will be some walk-in time at the show, with Pocket Gamer staff available on our stand as much as possible. Come by and say hi, you never know, we might have a moment to play your game. If you’re feeling especially confident, you might want to have a bash at formally showing your game to the Big Indie Pitch judges. Hey, you might even be able to contact a member of the press via the event’s Pitch&Match system. But that’s limited too, and if you can’t schedule something, you may just have to try and collar us another time. Read more about the professional mobile games development community at our sister site