Clementine, walkers, and tough choices return in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, available now on iOS

Telltale’s popular series of undead adventure games returns to iOS with A New Frontier, following an older Clementine and new protagonist Javier on a new journey through The Walking Dead‘s bleak world.

For two games, we’ve followed Clementine as she matured and learned how to survive in this dangerous apocalypse, A New Frontier’s most interesting addition is Javier, a young man suffering from incredible loss.

Javier’s history, how the two meet, and their struggles to survive together, are the foundations for the first episode, titled Ties That Bind. The next chapter, Above The Law, doesn’t have a release date yet.

You can purchase the first episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier for £3.99 / $4.99 on the App Store.