Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals 2017: Liveblog

The world finals of the Clash Royale Crown Championship is taking place at the ex-Olympic Copper Box venue in East London and we’re here reporting from the frontline.

No expense has been spared in the arena with incredible lighting show, big screens and a lavish opening ceremony introducing the 16 international competitors. So even though 10am is frankly way too early on a Sunday morning, the respectable crowd is excitable enough to create a decent atmosphere.

With 16 players in the arena, we’re effectively starting at a quarter final stage and each game is best of three matches.

Quarter Final 1: YauYau vs MusicMaster (USA)

The action kicked off rapidly with previous champion YauYau and Musicmaster going head to head and it was quite a match-up with all three games going to added time. 

Combination of Miner attacks with some creative use of the moving and flying canons ultimately saw Musicmaster through 2-1 to the semi-finals.

Quarter Final 2: Geltube (Korea) vs Adrian Piedra (Mexico)

The second quarter final saw a banning of Hogrider and Tornado cards and the early exchanges were very tight with awesome defence from Adrien Piedra fending off relentless balloon and MegAknight attacks with his inferno tower and Megaminion.
Meanwhile the combination of Nightwitch and skeleton graveyard chopped away at Geltube’s defence to deliver a clean victory in the first round.

The second match was all about the Princess who did all the early damage down the left flank and then a Goblin barrel finished the hob taking out the left tower and leaving Geltube flailing with rocket and log attacks but ultimately flaling short as the Mexican eased through in normal time 2-0.

Quarter Final 3: ColtonW83 (USA) vs Winds (China)

The banned units for this round are Elixir collector and Poison.